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Free Trading eBooks

If you feel like your trading education is incomplete, and have already browsed the web for better ways to improve your skills, you probably didn’t manage to satisfy your trading knowledge cravings. We wouldn’t go as far as saying that you’re lucky and we’ve got just what you’re looking for, but we are giving away four free ebooks.

What you get reading Stratton’s Trading eBooks

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Free Trading Education at your fingertips

Choose from our four free eBooks which cater for both beginners and advanced traders. They all offer comprehensive explanations, step-by-step guidance and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Trading limits’ limitations
  • Understanding trading tools
  • What to look for in asset classes
  • Keeping up with Trading Markets
  • Questionnaire to test your knowledge

Trading eBook

As a trader at the beginning of your trading career, you should be looking into sponging-up all the information there is. Having your trading needs in mind, we’ve decided to reward your curiosity with the “ABC Guide” on:
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  • How to ace Technical Analysis
  • Questionnaire to test your knowledge
  • The what’s and how’s of trading alerts
  • What’s trending with trading indicators
  • Keeping an Economic Calendar Agenda

Advanced Forex eBook

Is the above eBook easily digestible over a coffee in the park for you? Then download this, more advanced eBook, which will challenge your knowledge and help you reach your trading goals:
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  • A brief encyclopedia of Crypto trading
  • From producing to trading crypto
  • Popular cryptocurrency review
  • Understanding Crypto trading
  • Crypto Trivia

ABC Guide to Crypto CFD trading

When you get a grip on trading, you might want to go deeper into the trading pool. Always having your best interest at heart, we’ve cropped up an amazingly insightful eBook about Cryptocurrency CFD trading, encompassing some of the following:
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  • Introduction to the trading psychology
  • From basic to advanced technical analysis
  • Trading strategies for Crypto trading
  • Tips for best capital management
  • Step by step Trivia

XYZ Guide to Crypto CFD trading

Once you go through the ABC of Crypto trading you might feel the need to add up to your knowledge about virtual currencies. To quench your thirst we decided to make a follow-up to it. Check out the advanced crypto guide, with an accent on:
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